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Our Pastors

Pastors Tom and Terri Wallace laughing
Founders and Lead Pastors

Tom & Terrie Wallace

The journey is as important, as refining, as much of a testimony as the destination. That describes the ministry of Tom & Terrie Wallace

After spending over 20 years as denominational pastors, the two South Carolina natives and childhood sweethearts turned-married couple began a new independent church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, under the guidance of an outside board. Journey Church was founded on their vision to have a community church that was Holy Spirit-led… and it soon became a place where the message of the gospel, the Good News, the grace of Jesus Christ, has remained the focus of every service, message, and event.

At Journey and under the umbrella of its many outside ministry efforts, Tom and Terrie have seen their congregation grow in numbers and in discipleship, new churches and ministries planted in South Carolina and beyond,  and thousands come to accept the Good News: the forgiveness, the redemption, the abundant life, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

A Family of Devotion

God's word is already established. Our job is to BELIEVE.

Pastors Tom and Terri Wallace posing with their family in a bright green forest.
The Wallaces have two adult children, Andrew, who married Ciara in November of 2020, and Mary Hannah. You can find all of them ministering throughout Journey.

God didn't call you to be a better version of yourself. He called you to be Christ in you.

Tom's Gifts of the Spirit

God gives gifts to all, but not all believers understand how to embrace this amazing promise. This teaching distinguishes between the different gifts listed in the Bible, listing characteristics of each gift to help you identify and appreciate your own gifts.

These gifts are divided into three categories: those given by God to all people, as well as those given by the Holy Spirit and by Jesus only to believers.

All gifts come with the choice to use them for our own glory or for God’s glory. A Different Way to See the Gifts of the Spirit will challenge you to see your potential in a world that needs each of us to step up and be used by God in the lives of those around us.

Photos Along the Journey